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Scientists estimate that in the past 150 years, half the topsoil on earth has been lost. Soil erosion degrades the nutrient value of soil, pollutes and clogs waterways, and leads to the loss of valuable land. On a daily level, you are probably already confronted with the realities of soil erosion. Our high-quality woven slit film geotextiles can help prevent soil erosion and its negative consequences.

Geotextiles Protect Shorelines and Beaches

Shoreline erosion is a huge problem in coastal areas, where it leads to the loss of valuable land and property in addition to disturbing natural habitats. We have a number of geotextiles specifically designed to prevent shoreline erosion, featuring reinforced seams and UV protection. By assisting with water filtration as well as soil and sand containment, these geotextiles can help preserve existing shorelines for decades to come.

Geotextiles Prevent Sediment Pollution

When taking on a new construction project, it is necessary to mitigate the potential to pollute nearby waterways with displaced soil. Construction sites are known to pollute both surface water runoff and nearby groundwater, causing lasting environmental damage. To prevent this, we offer a variety of geotextiles that reduce soil loss and filter water. We also offer natural fiber biodegradable erosion control blankets. These natural geotextiles can be used to establish vegetative growth as well as to protect slopes and waterways.

Geotextiles Provide Structural Integrity and Safety

Some projects require separating soil from other surfaces such as roadways, airport runways, and landfills. Our geotextiles separate soil from road base materials, thus ensuring structural integrity and saving on costs by reducing the amount of road base needed. We also create geotextiles for gas and oil containment. For example, our bright orange Beltech 1696 is designed to be used as a high-visibility barrier fabric in landfills and construction projects but can also be used for pond capping, lining systems, and more.

If you are facing soil erosion and need to find solutions, Belton is here to help. Contact us to speak to one of our representatives about how we can best meet your needs.