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We produce several coverage options for a wide range of farming needs. From specialty fabrics in the furniture industry for reinforcement and breathability (Beltech 3302, Beltech 1394, Beltech 2484, Beltech 3301) to protective coverings used in agriculture or horticulture, we have you covered. We can work with you to assess your specific needs and help develop the right cover for you.

Protecting Hay Outside the Barn

Since barns have limited storage capacity, outside storage may be viable. Preventing excessive moisture absorption in this type of situation is a primary concern. A good starting point is to place a barrier between the hay and the ground. Then add a good cover material to protect the product from weather elements. There are a variety of quality cover options available, and we can help determine the right application for you.

Protecting the Garden or Berry Patch From Frost

The weather has been a factor in food production since the beginning of civilization. A lot of work and expense is involved in growing vegetables, berries, or herbs. An early frost can have devastating effects on productivity. Protect your investment by being prepared when the weather takes an unexpected turn. We have specialty yarns and woven fabrics designed explicitly for frost protection:


Organic products have become increasingly popular within the last few years. As people become more aware of their health and the environment, pesticides are becoming very unpopular. One way to avoid using pesticides in controlling pests is using specially spun fabric to cover plants. This cover method can be placed directly on the plants or stretched over a hooped frame. This type of coverage is best for plants that don’t rely on pollination.

Belton Industries has the knowledge and experience to help you find the right cover solution for your specific need(s). Contact us today and tell us how we can help.