About Us

Belton Industries, Inc. is a specialty weaver of fabrics for furniture, military, industrial, civil engineering, environmental and agricultural markets. We employ state-of-the-art equipment to extrude polypropylene resins into a plastic film and then tape yarns and weave and finish fabrics.

As sole supplier to many of our customers, Belton maintains a large, diversified stock of fabrics featuring a variety of constructions, performance characteristics, widths, colors, finishes, and package sizes. We also collaborate with customers to co-develop products for proprietary applications. We pride ourselves on meeting strict standards and accommodating special needs not typically offered by made-to-stock, commodity fabric suppliers

Headquartered in Belton, SC, Belton Industries manages three offices in the United States and one in India. To provide our customers with the best products, we also serve as international traders, actively sourcing products globally. And ever-conscious of our impact on the planet, Belton constantly strives to conduct operations in a manner that honors and upholds the environment.