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TW-11, Sulzer OEM, and Itema Parts For Sale

Belton Industries, Inc. is a specialty manufacturer of polypropylene and polyethylene yarns and woven fabrics. Below you’ll find a list of TW-11, Sulzer OEM, and Itema parts that we have available for purchase.

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Sulzer p/n QtyLocationnew/used
911309182cover 3U27-3-12 new, one modified
912541134traction rod 1AI-8-2-Anew
911310208washer 1BY-5-4-Enew
912514105roller lever 2BE-8-1-Bnew
912514113connecting lever 2BE-8-1-C new
912155742circuit board 2L-8-3new
911109681forked lever d2210I-9-5-Enew
911809127treadle lever 15U24-4-16 new, 6 repaired
912508199harness drives12U11-36 new, 6 repaired
911159307cam disc 1I-18-3-Bnew
911322639picking cam 1H-18-5-Cnew
911819055rh lever 3BZ-11-2-Anew
911209369bearing disc 10AE-12-4-Bnew
911109698shaft 1I-10-3-Cnew
911124148clamp 36G-8-2used
911149213driving shaft 1U13used
911159306cam disc 1AE-13-4-Anew
911822002torsion tube 3AE-4-1used
911165631signal lamp 1AG-1-1new
911165628stop button 2AF-10-1-Anew
911201188cover 5AK-6-6new
912503041brake drum4AD-4-1new
912503073coupling cross 1U33-2-5used
911822113torsion rod 2AG-1-3new
911807002lever 2BZ-1-1Dnew
911107116lever 1H-4-3-Cnew
911165145solenoid switch 1BX-7-2-Anew
7832loepfe main board 2L-8-1new
911121294feelere wire5new
911128134k feeler projectile d1 2new aftermaeket
911128134d1 feeler2new
911128136d2 feeler5new
SC00347d2 feeler3new aftermarket
SC00346feeler spring 7new aftermarket

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