Industrial Applications

Belton’s industrial applications encompass a broad range, from home furnishings to commodity transfers to food processing. We devote the utmost attention to partnering with our clients, introducing them to the best products for their needs or creating new ones as the application demands. Each variation we make in polypropylene fabric, yarn construction, and product performance is intended to enhance your company’s own concerted movement toward increased efficiency and enduring success.

FiltrationScrimFiltration Scrim
Belton filtration scrims ensure cleanliness and consistency in various applications. Our polypropylene fabrics are used as the substrate in woven goods that purify substances from air to foodstuffs.

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FR_Flame_Resist_ProdAppFR Flame Resistant
Belton produces customized fabrics to accommodate flame-retardant (FR) requirements. We currently provide fabrics that meet industry FR standards such as NFPA 701 and ASTM E-84.
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UVCoatedFabricsUV Protection
Ultraviolet absorbers/stabilizers can be introduced in our manufacturing process at various levels depending on the application to provide protection against photodegradation.
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IndustrialHose_ProdCatIndustrial Composite Hoses
Industrial hoses for heavy-duty commercial usage require special polypropylene fabrics. Belton improves and expands hose capabilities by layering these lightweight yet strong fabrics into the hose construction.
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Anti-Corrosive_Fabric_ProdAppAnti-Corrosive Fabric
Belton manufactures fabrics of various constructions and weights that employ a special technology to ward off the effects of corrosion. 
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microbesAnti-Microbial Fabric
Fabrics can be affected by a host of environmental conditions. To combat these performance issues, Belton has the ability to add anti-fungal and/or anti-bacterial additives to yarns and fabrics. 
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NarrowFabrics_ProdManNarrow Fabrics
Belton’s narrow, webbing fabrics are used most often in military, automotive, and furniture applications.
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Belton supplies furniture construction fabrics to manufacturers through major industry distributors. Our customized fabrics feature various weave constructions, colors, and widths with non-raveling edges.
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SpecialtyYarnApp_ProdManSpecialty Yarn Applications
When you need a polypropylene tape yarn for a particular end use, Belton can engineer it to your specifications. We have the capability to make yarns from 400 denier to over 5000 denier.
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Specialty Packaging
For over 30 years, Belton has developed a wide array of specialty packaging fabrics for flexible intermediate bulk containers (FIBCs), agri-business packaging and environmental packaging applications.

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