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We often end up disappointed by things we buy, for instance, non-woven fabric, which turns out to be poor quality and not up to the intended task. In addition, uncustomized polyethylene and polypropylene fabric products can be weak to withstand the industry ecosystem and meet individualized solutions.

Fortunately, getting an experienced manufacturer of custom-designed fabric products can save you a lot of money and time. For over 50 years, Belton Industries, Inc. has been and still is a specialty weaver of fabric of polypropylene and polyethylene yarns and woven fabrics. We provide flexible, customized solutions for both small and large applications. Let us first discuss the industries that need superior fabric products.

Industries That Need Superior Fabric Products

Manufacturing industries require specialty fabric solutions for strength and conditioning their products which demand it. Industries requiring custom-designed woven textiles, polyethylene, and polypropylene yarns include:

1. Agriculture/Horticulture

Specialty fabrics are used for breathability and reinforcement in agriculture and horticulture. While providing shades, they are designed with open mesh that reduces wind speed. Thus, protecting plants, crops, or fruit trees from the damaging wind. A transparent woven polypropylene fabric also protects gardens from frost by optimally allowing enough sunlight penetration for the right growing conditions.

2. Environmental Industry

You can imagine how landfill operators cover trash by spreading soil or clay during the old days. It is no doubt it was very tiresome. With customized propylene & polyethylene woven fabrics, you are saved from this burden. Cover fabrics with high UV stabilization to withstand the most extreme solar conditions. They are flexible enough for custom fabrication, and the high tensile strength fabrics repel water.

3. Geo-Textile Industry

Customized fabrics are used in technical applications such as road and railway embankments. High-strength woven geotextile for stabilization, filtration, containment, infrastructure, and separation. Also, quality woven slit film geotextiles can be ideally used for filtration, containment, and soil erosion control. Other civil engineering applications are:

  • Energy containment
  • Building and rebuilding of infrastructure
  • Channel and shoreline protection

4. Home Applications

You understand the importance of durable and long-lasting sleeper decking if you are a domestic manufacturer. Customized fabric products undergo analysis of strengths, tear strength, and air permeability tests before distribution for home and hotel industries. Also, the woven textile has a heat setting in the bedding support system of a sofa sleeper mechanism.

5. Industrial Use

Custom fabric solutions offer best-of-breed strength-to-weight ratios appropriate for projects demanding solutions. Get heavy-duty polyethylene composite VCI (volatile corrosion inhibitor) fabrics to maintain industry operations and provide a long-lasting solution. It works best from industrial polyethylene yards to press fabrics meeting the most demanding industrial ecosystem.

 6. Military Industry

High-quality and specialty customized fabric solutions are essential for military personnel. These include:

  • A rapid-descent cargo parachute fabric that retains accuracy when an aircraft flies high over a target due to group threats, weather, or terrain.
  • Cargo webbing
  • Fabrics for temporary shelters
  • CVI (anti-corrosion) fabrics

Other areas requiring specialty fabric solutions include:

  • Yarns
  • Specialist solutions
  • Thin textiles
  • Individualized solutions

Belton’s Polyethylene and Propylene Fabrics Work Like Magic! Perfectly customized polypropylene, polyethylene yards, and woven fabrics are best for industries and individual solutions. Get specialty fabric solutions for your industry’s best outcomes. Contact us at Belton Industries as you ease your business with customized fabrics.