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Belton Industries, a company that has been creating quality polypropylene and polyethylene yarns and fabrics since 1916, is ready to help provide you with solutions to your agriculture and horticulture demands. With specialized products specific for crop and frost protection, ground cover, reflective fabric, shade fabric, and windbreak fabric, Belton Industries is confident that we have the perfect item for you. Listed below are just a few of the expert solutions we offer in the agriculture and horticulture market.

Crop Protection Fabric

For a solution to crop protection, the Beltech 1547 might be suitable for you. This windbreak fabric features an open mesh design which helps to reduce wind speed and turbulence by as much as 50%. This product is crafted from black polypropylene yarns and comes available in 121 inch and 145-inch widths.

Frost and Rain Protection Fabric

If you have issues with frost in your area, the Beltech 1841 is an excellent answer to your problems. Made from 3.1 oz clear woven polypropylene, the Beltech 1841 protects from frost and heavy rain while still allowing solar rays to get in.

Ground Cover Protection Fabric

The Beltech 2911 is a great ground cover solution to those who own an orchard or a greenhouse. This reflective fabric helps to stimulate plant growth with 75% light reflection while also absorbing harmful u.v.a. and u.v.b. rays.

Shade Protection Fabric

If you are looking to provide your plants with adequate shade, the Beltech 1833 provides a shade factor of approximately 75%. Made in a leno weave construction, Beltech 1833 has a reinforced selvage design for greater seam strength and greater durability.

Windbreak Protection Fabric

For frost and wind protection during cold months, you’ll need the Beltech 2538. This woven polypropylene fabric includes high UV stability and is available in 121 inch and 145-inch widths.

By providing numerous options for your agricultural and horticultural needs, Belton Industries hopes to ensure that you will be prepared for countless challenges. If you have any questions about how we can help your business, don’t hesitate to contact us today!