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The first step in our customer partnership begins with defining an unmet need or requirement. From the beginning of our relationship, we will work with you to determine a custom solution for your particular application. Many of our product offerings have been co-developed with customers and are tailored or customized to their needs rather than offering an off the shelf product which may not adequately suit the application. Based on your inputs, we will provide samples for your further evaluation and testing.


Belton Industries, Inc. manufacturers a line of polypropylene and polyethylene yarns and woven fabrics. Yarn deniers range from 400 denier to 8,000 denier and our woven fabrics range from 2 ounces per square yard to over 20 ounces per square yard. We weave narrow fabrics on needle looms (under 12 inches) and wide fabrics (up to 210 inches wide) on projectile looms. Our yarns and fabrics can be designed to meet a wide array of aesthetics and performance properties including heat stability, strength, tear resistance, elongation, air and water permeability, U.V. stability, color matching, flame resistance , anti-static, anti-microbial etc.

Finishing, Packaging & Inspection

We provide post weaving added-value services such as heat setting, fabric finishes, printing, custom roll lengths and packaging. Additionally, Belton Industries, Inc. provides fabric inspection services for fabric applications that have very tight specifications or limits on weaving defects.

On-Site Laboratory

Belton Industries, Inc. laboratory is A2LA certified for a variety of textile related performance testing procedures. We test materials at each stage of the production process from raw materials to yarns to finished fabrics to insure compliance with our published product specifications. We can supply certificates of compliance or analysis with each shipment as needed by the customer.