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Protection Fabrics for Agriculture and Horticulture Use

Properly caring for plants and crops requires providing them with sufficient protections during different times and seasons throughout the year. Providing the right protection requires an understanding of a specific plant’s needs, as well as how these needs change during the course of a year. Protection fabrics offer an excellent cover for a variety of plants and crops, preventing exposure to harmful environmental conditions (extreme heat or cold, direct sunlight, heavy winds, etc.) and allowing for a more profitable harvest.

While protection fabrics are widely available online, it’s important to understand the differences in common fabrics, such as their materials, construction, and uses, as well as the specific needs of the plants and crops you’re attempting to protect. For instance, spring morning frosts can damage some crops, negatively affecting the yield when harvest time rolls around. Defending your crops and plants from the frost with a heavy-duty, high-quality protection fabric from Belton Industries provides a healthier and more fruitful yield. Some of the most common applications for woven polypropylene and polyethylene fabrics include:

Protection fabrics are employed to defend a myriad of plants and crops. The use of protection fabrics is not limited to fields, garden beds, or single posts; plants and crops in orchards, nurseries, and even greenhouses can all benefit from the right protective fabrics.

Belton Industries offers a wide selection of custom woven polypropylene and polyethylene protection fabrics. With over 90 solid years of experience in manufacturing excellence, we offer customization options including color, materials, size and shape specifications, and packaging, with knowledgeable customer service representatives ready to answer your questions. Our in-house lab allows us to tailor fabrics to your individual needs, backed by industry compliance and quality assurance checks.

To learn more about our custom fabric solutions for agriculture and horticulture use, or to discuss options to suit your individual needs, contact us today!