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Belton Industries is a leader in providing custom fabric solutions for your environmental infrastructure projects. Accredited by the A2LA, our laboratory routinely provides Certificates of Conformance to save on the expense of outside verification.

Fabric Solutions for Environmental Infrastructure projects

Polypropylene and polyethylene yarns and woven fabrics help meet the needs of various environmental infrastructure projects, including:

We can co-develop a custom-designed and extensively tested product to meet the needs of your business. Our fabrics will help reduce the environmental footprint of your project. They will also help economically maintain the cleanup objectives to meet EPA standards.

Environmental Remediation Systems

We create fabrics for environmental remediation systems. Fabric solutions are available for sludge dewatering systems that help separate the solids and liquids. Our fabrics help to minimize waste and be more cost-effective and efficient for disposal. Using high strength filter fabric helps offer a high volume, low-cost dewatering solution to environmental problems. Geotextile tubes are cost-effective, fast, and efficient. They also provide minimal environmental impacts. Polypropylene and Polyethylene fabric tubes have a smaller footprint in comparison to other dewatering techniques. Our tubes are made with a higher coefficient of friction that offers a safer footing when stacking to increase the usability of the land space available.

Landfill covers are another important environmental remediation system. Proper closure of a landfill requires the use of a landfill cover for a surface barrier that contains the source material. Landfill covers help stop material migration, contamination exposure, and helps manage associated risks, such as leaching in the environment. Quality fabrics will increase performance and reduce maintenance needs.

Environmental Containment Systems

Belton Industries offers a woven reinforcement to ensure a stronger seam. A higher coefficient of friction provides a safer footing when stacking or walking on the tubes. The fabrics can be customized, and color-matched to help the dewatering tubes blend in with the surroundings. Our fabrics can be used in various environmental containment systems. High-quality products help ensure proper maintenance that helps prevent containment problems. Our fabrics are rigorously tested, and a Certificate of Conformance is supplied as requested.

To learn more about our custom fabrics for environmental use, or to discuss options to suit your individual needs, contact us today!