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Soil Stabilization: Putting Our GeoTextile Solutions to Work

At Belton Industries, we bring over 90 years of knowledge to the design and manufacture of high-quality woven slit film geotextiles used for erosion control, separation and reinforcement, and filtration and containment. Our high-strength textile materials are made to stabilize soil in a wide range of civil engineering applications: building and rebuilding of infrastructure, shoreline and channel protection, and containment for oil, gas, and other energy sites. We have the specialized manufacturing and testing capabilities to produce effective solutions that meet the needs of your soil stabilization project.

Erosion Control

The loss of soil disturbed at construction sites is a problem that, over time, can result in sediment pollution. The prevention of soil loss from the site can be implemented by using our Beltech (Beltech 4×4 HF, Beltech 2×2 HF, Beltech 940, Beltech 941, Beltech 1935) and GEOJUTE® Plus silt fence fabrics, which filter runoff water while keeping soil in place. Our GEOJUTE® (Anti-Wash/GEOJUTE®, ECO-JUTE, GEOJUTE® Stabilizer) and GEOCOIR® solutions (GEOCOIR® 400, GEOCOIR® 700, GEOCOIR® 900) are natural fiber biodegradable erosion control blankets that help establish vegetative growth and can be used for slope and waterway protection. Whether your erosion control needs are for temporary or permanent projects, we have the right geotextiles for your work site.

Separation and Reinforcement

Construction and rehabilitation of infrastructures such as roadways, embankments, and airport runways require woven fabric products that separate soil from aggregate, concrete, asphalt, or other road base materials to maintain structural integrity. Separation and reinforcement fabrics may reduce the amount of road base used and be cost-effective as a result. Because of their high tensile strength and UV stability, our NTPEP-tested, DOT-approved Beltech fabrics provide superior reinforcement and durability in an infrastructure work setting. In the energy industry, our Beltech products (Beltech 1696, Beltech 4×2.5, Beltech 884, Beltech 315, Beltech 250, Beltech 2×2 HF, Beltech 180, Beltech 4×4) also perform well as gas and oil containment fabrics for pond capping, lining systems, and other projects.

Filtration and Containment

Shoreline erosion can threaten existing infrastructure and wash away valuable land. Shoreline protection and reclamation work necessitate the use of high-strength yet permeable woven slit film fabrics to prevent erosion and encourage vegetative growth. Our Beltech 4 series fabrics have features such as high UV stability and reinforced seams while providing the filtration needed to contain sand or fine soil on a coastline, lakeshore, pond bank, shoreline or beach nourishment site.

To learn more about our custom fabric solutions for geotextile use, or to discuss options to suit your individual needs, contact us today!