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Belton Industries custom fabric solutions for industrial use offer best-of-breed strength to weight ratios for use in a variety of demanding operating environments.

With a variety of offerings including composite fabrics with VCI (volatile corrosion inhibitor) additives and heavy-duty polypropylene, Belton crafts superior products with challenging environments and industrial capabilities in mind. Whether you’re looking for polyethylene yarns for the use of processing rubber components or you need press fabrics for paper, we have the solution to help meet the unique challenges in your demanding industrial ecosystem.

Industrial Fabrics

Unlike traditional fabrics, which may be used for aesthetic purposes, industrial fabrics are often used as a supportive component in manufacturing to lend strength and conditioning to projects that require demanding solutions. All of our fabrics and built with durability, strength, and reusability, and we offer a selection of fabrics built to meet industrial standards across industry channels.

Here are a few examples of our best-in-class industrial woven fabrics.

Beltech 1885

Used in the creation and processing of rubber components, Beltech 1885 uses high-density polyethylene flat yarns to deliver a durable, crease-resistant, breathable, reliable, and balanced material that has low adhesion to rubber.

Beltech 884

Used in the paper industry for a variety of applications, Beltech 884 is a woven industrial fabric with grab tensile of over 500 lbs. in both directions.

Beltech 1104

Widely used for the production of press (paper) cloth, Beltech 1104 has a grab tensile strength of over 475 lbs. in both directions.

Beltech 1765

Used to reinforce the inner-layer of composite hoses, Beltech 1765 is lightweight yet durable enough to withstand liquid and solid commodities.

Beltech 324

Used for liquid filtration, Beltech 324 polypropylene filtration scrims are lightweight, heat set, and provide incredible stability and longevity for needle-punch nonwoven filtration composites.

Beltech 1918

Used in a wide variety of industrial and military settings, Beltech 1918 is a polypropylene fabric that contains VCI additives and is flame-retardant and anti-corrosive.

See the Beltech Difference

Do you need world-class industrial durability, strength, and longevity? Browse through our selection of industrial woven fabrics.

To learn more about our custom fabric solutions for industrial use, or to discuss options to suit your individual needs, contact us today!