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At Belton, we understand the necessity for high-quality, custom fabric solutions for military use at a reasonable price. Currently, we provide a variety of cost-effective solutions for military personnel — including cargo parachute fabrics, cargo webbing, fabrics for temporary shelters, VCI (anti-corrosion) fabrics.

Cargo Parachute Fabrics

We currently offer three types of cargo parachute fabrics for military operations.

  1. Beltech 820 (Low Cost, Low Altitude) – Designed for rapid opening and low altitude supplies, Beltech 820 is the perfect solution for those quick-and-easy supply drops with a smaller distance between the drop and the supply zone.
  2. Beltech 1827 (Low Velocity) – Designed to handle supplies dropped from various altitudes and to prevent opening shock, Beltech 1827 provides a 28.5/sec decent goal and incredible fabric versatility
  3. Beltech 817 (High Velocity) – Designed to maintain incredible accuracy from high altitude, Beltech 817 can be dropped into zones unreachable by low-altitude drops (e.g., dangerous terrain, weather, group threats, etc.)

Cargo Webbing

We also offer our Beltech 5003 cargo webbing solution. This woven polypropylene webbing has a 4700 lb minimum break strength, meets mil-w-44049A and A-A-59467 specifications, and is the perfect low-cost container for cargo airdrops.

Fabrics for Temporary Shelters

Beltech 1945 and Beltech 1944 are simple to construct but durable enough to act as a permanent structure solution for military personnel. These woven polypropylene fabrics have unsurpassed flame retardant capabilities and pass both NFPA 701 small scale and the ASTM D6413 test.

VCI /Anti-Corrosion Fabrics

We know that industrial and military materials can often come into contact with damaging elements. That’s why we’ve designed a variety of fabrics of all weights and sizes that are specially infused with VCI (volatile corrosion inhibitor) additives. Beltech 1918 will help prevent rust, weathering, and electrochemical processes from damaging the material. This is especially important in military areas with variable elements.

Solutions for Military Applications

All of Belton’s fabrics are designed with function and premium capabilities in mind for many military applications. Whether you need materials to make that next critical supply drop or you’re looking for an anti-corrosive fabric to use on supplies impacted by the elements, we have the solutions to fit your needs.

To learn more about our custom fabric solutions for military use, or to discuss options to suit your individual needs, contact us today!