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Narrow fabrics have a wide range of industrial and commercial applications. At Belton, we utilize both polypropylene and polyethylene yarns to produce best-of-breed materials for our broad scope of clients. Each of our materials is tested in-house in our A2LA, and GAI-LAP accredited laboratory testing facility. We adhere to strict quality control processes to ensure that each of our fabrics provides world-class capabilities with our signature U.S. craftsmanship.

Here at our Belton, South Carolina factory, we produce narrow fabrics with incredible tensile strength and durability. These narrow fabrics are made from flat, tape yarns, fibrillated yarns (or split-film yarns), and serrated yarns — both of which are useful in downstream processes and can be used to weave heavier yarns in an industrial setting.

Narrow Fabrics

Initially developed in the 17th century, narrow yarns have been a critical part of commercial and industrial yarn utilization for hundreds of years.

All of our narrow fabrics (Beltech 3302, Beltech 5018, Beltech 5016, Beltech 3301, Beltech 5003) are yarn-based textiles that are less than 12 inches (300 cm) in width and are woven using best-in-class machinery and supported by a team of experts and craftsmen. Whether you need woven fabrics for conveyor belt systems, furniture upholstery, or military applications like cargo airdrops, Belton has the selection and capabilities to supply high quality woven narrow fabrics for your specific situation.

Examples of our Beltech Specialty Yarns:

  • Flat tapes yarns
  • Fibrillated yarns
  • Flame retardant yarns
  • Serrated yarns
  • Anti-static yarns
  • Anti-bacterial yarns
  • VCI (volatile corrosion inhibitor) additive yarns
  • High UV yarns

Each of our yarns is available in custom colors and can be matched to a sample or PMS number to suit your particular branding and aesthetic needs.

Experience Belton Quality

All of our narrow woven fabrics are made and manufactured in the United States, and we can work with developers to co-develop unique products if needed. We can also supply custom labeling and packaging for clients with particular needs.

To learn more about our yarns and narrow fabrics, or to discuss options to suit your individual needs, contact us today!