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If you specialize in the manufacture of sofa sleeper mechanisms, you know the importance of long-lasting and durable sleeper decking. Sofa sleepers manufactured especially for hotels get a lot of use and wear so the bedding support system must be strong and sturdy. Consumers who purchase sofa sleepers for their homes also expect the same performance as those used in the hospitality industry. At Belton, we have the features you need because we make our sleep decking so that it will perform and last.

What can you expect to get with Belton sleeper decking?

At Belton Industries, we have an in-house lab where all of our products undergo comprehensive testing procedures. These trials include the analysis of strength, shrinkage, seam tear strength, and air permeability. Our rigorous testing standards guarantee that you’re getting the best product possible for your needs. We construct Beltech Style 1524, our woven fabric sleeper decking, out of polypropylene slit-film tapes. We list the specifications on the product data sheet that you can view on our website.

The features and benefits of Belton sleep decking are outstanding.

We manufacture this specialized woven textile with heat-sealed edges to prohibit fraying and to strengthen the edges. Moisture isn’t a concern because this textile is breathable. The acrylic latex finish prevents the movement of yarns under pressure so it doesn’t lose its stability. This decking material performs exceptionally well in both two-fold and tri-fold sleeper decking mechanisms. You can purchase sleeper decking in custom sizes and colors and you can also request custom printing.

Belton Industries, Inc. has been in business for over 90 years and we’ve been providing our customers with specialty and custom-made products that pass through rigid quality control standards and inspections. We produce our products on-site in our facility that’s located near Belton, South Carolina. We look forward to helping you with all your pre-designed or custom sleeper decking needs. Contact us today.