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Frost can be a threat to your gardening or landscaping efforts. Whether you are in a frost-free area, it is essential to look out for any frost warnings from the weatherman and take appropriate action. After spending a lot in growing plants, it is vital to protect them, and Belton Industries has the best solutions to help you prevent frost.

Potted plants may face more threat from frost, unlike more established plants. The warmth in the pot may not be enough to protect the plant, similar to what the ground does. Therefore, you may see the effects on buds and leaves, especially when temperatures are low at night. The best solution to protect the plants is to cover them.

Plastic and Fabric Covering

These are the two types of plant covers that you may use. Plastic may offer a solution to your challenges but still may not be a very efficient material. The moisture gets trapped under the plastic cover and can prevent the plant from breathing. When temperatures fall, the trapped moisture becomes a threat to the plant. Besides, if you forget to remove the cover during the day, the plant will suffocate.

We provide fabric covers which are a better solution than plastic covers. Fabric protects the plant while at the same time letting moisture escape, which is very healthy. The fabric covers from Belton industries also enable free circulation of air, and consequently, the plants can breathe well. You do not need to worry about forgetting to uncover during the day; the material let’s UV light pass through and enrich your plants.

The Right Frost Solution For Your Plants

The weather can be unpredictable and it is imperative to be prepared for any changes. Belton industries offer covers that can prevent your plants from frost and keep your garden alive in every season.

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