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At Belton Industries, we believe that the purpose of technological innovation is to work in harmony with the natural environment. When you’re dealing with waste and other hazards, using geotextiles can reduce the environmental footprint of your projects and help you meet or exceed EPA standards. Our geotextiles can help you reduce the cost and environmental impact of many projects.

Water Filtration Systems

When treating wastewater, it is necessary to separate water from sludge, which we now know can include damaging microplastics. According to studies, “the largest fraction of microplastics removed conventionally is trapped in sludge.” Our fabric tubes are specifically designed to be cost-effective and minimize waste. Our geotextile tubes are:

  • low-cost
  • high-volume
  • safer
  • lower in environmental impact.

Landfill Covers

Landfills must be treated properly to avoid damaging and poisoning the environment around them. One piece of that puzzle is covering them on a daily basis, to prevent undesirable outcomes such as fires, odors, material migration, and contamination exposure.

Our 100% polypropylene UV-stabilized geotextiles, such as Beltech 3884 are Beltech 1104, are used to fabricate daily landfill covers in Class C & D landfills. These covers are sturdy enough for repeated use, making them an environmentally friendly option.

Sandblasting Containment

When sandblasting a building or structure, harmful toxins may be released that can pollute the environment. Our Beltech 1511 is engineered to contain lead paint and other impurities. Our fire-retardant UV-stabilized fabric mitigates the chance of environmental damage. When removing lead paint from major structures, such as bridges, water towers, and shipyards, Beltech 1511 is your best bet.

These are just a few of the ways that Belton Industries can help you reduce the environmental footprint of your next project. With our size and experience, we are able to tailor the products and services you need. For more information, contact us to speak to a representative today.