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When growing crops organically, effective means must be found for controlling weeds without the use of chemicals. Ag Fabrics by Belton Industries Inc. add value and convenience to organic farming practices.

Why Farm Organically?

Organic farming is on the rise. Consumers are becoming more and more discerning concerning where their food comes from and how natural resources are managed. Growers who export are seeing the benefits of organic certification in large markets like Japan and Europe. The inherent advantages of organically grown food, including improved taste, nutrition, safety, are significant.

Acres committed to organic farming have been on the rise since 1990, as farming businesses benefit from expanded markets, reduced budgets for chemicals, herbicides, fertilizers, fossil fuels used in the application of these products.

Benefits of Using Fabrics in the Process of Organic Farming

  • Elimination or significant reduction of the need for yearly chemical applications.
  • Reduced weed growth – less need for cultivation.
  • Improved soil moisture retention – less watering.
  • Lessened soil erosion – minimized need for fertilization.
  • Energy savings due to less cultivating, watering, chemical application.

Why Choose Belton Products?

  • Our fabrics can be modified to increase productivity – higher yields and better appearance of fruits and vegetables increase sales.
  • Our fabrics are made to last longer with high Ultraviolet additives and special reinforcing fabric edge treatments which assist the materials in resisting damage due to wind and rain.

The Belton Industries Edge

What’s so special about our ag fabric? We have the edge – that means that many of our fabrics have specially designed reinforced bands along the perimeters. These bands are necessary to ensure robustness in wear and tear situations. The fabric edge is usually attached or secured to fixed structures and is prone to tearing. Our edges have a higher yarn density and different weave pattern to add strength at this most vulnerable part of the fabric.

Further information on organic farming practices may be found on the USDA website. Want to find a source for the purchase of Belton Woven ag fabrics? Visit the Belton Industries site for a list of agriculture product descriptions and distributors.

Belton Industries is a specialty weaver of fabrics for a wide variety of industrial, military, agricultural, civil engineering, and environmental applications. We are the sole supplier for many of our customers, and we offer customization services. Have questions about the use or purchase of ag fabrics or any of our other products? Please feel free to contact us.