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The Supplier of Choice

The typical client of Belton Industries, Inc. is one that needs its product to perform correctly and reliably from one shipment to the next. They also want to deal with a supplier who is fair, transparent, and can provide them with flexibility as their needs change. We stay in regular contact with our customers so we can react quickly when their needs change. Additionally, we keep safety stocks for regular customers to shorten the response time, particularly when the demand for their product is not easily forecast. With our on-site textile testing lab and quality assurance programs, we are the supplier of choice for products with very demanding quality standards where the cost of failure is significant.

Saving You Money Over the Life of Our Products

At Belton Industries, we may not provide the lowest acquisition cost for a product initially, but when evaluated on the total cost of ownership over the product life cycle, most customers will find that we save them money and reduce unnecessary future costs. For example, our ground cover fabric, Beltech Style 3859, has a 4000-hour U.V. rating, which means it will typically last for 7 to 10 years in an outdoor environment.

In many instances, inferior, imported ground cover fabrics which sell for 30 t0 40% less do not have properly formulated and blended UV inhibitors and the fabric will photo-degrade after a couple of years of outdoor exposure. Replacement of this cheaper fabric results in removal of plants, disassembly of irrigation systems, installation of a new ground cover fabric, reinstalling of irrigation piping, and moving plants back into place. In an example such as the one given, the total cost of ownership of the cheaper imported ground cover fabric dramatically exceeds the cost of the Beltech Style 3859 which has a much longer service life and is much more reliable in the field.

Full Service, On-site Lab

Belton Industries also stands behind its products with a full service, on-site, textile testing laboratory.  Our lab monitors every phase of production from raw materials, yarn production, and fabric production. Certificates of conformance can be provided with every shipment or as needed by our clients. Our testing lab is A2LA accredited. The benefit of A2LA accreditation is that a customer can be assured that the performance specifications are being adhered to and accurately reported which mitigates the chance for unexpected product failures. For geotextile fabric testing, our lab is also GAI-LAP accredited.

Customized Solutions

Need a product that is not easily addressed by standard off-the-shelf woven fabrics? Please give us a call. Many of our yarns and fabrics have been co-developed by collaborating and running trials with our customers. For more information, please contact us as we would appreciate the opportunity to learn more about your needs.

Lab Testing Accreditation

Geosynthetic Accreditation