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The low-cost aerial delivery system (LCADS) is a one-time use, disposable, airdrop system consisting of cargo parachutes, containers, platforms, and other items configured for aerial cargo delivery. These aerial delivery systems were designed by the Research Development and Engineering Command at the Natick U.S. Soldier Systems Center, Natick, Massachusetts. The parachute systems were developed for military resupply missions and for humanitarian relief efforts in areas where ground supply and/or recovery of airdrop equipment is difficult or not feasible.

LCADS drop in the snowLCADS are primarily three types of cargo parachutes including the high velocity (High V), low velocity (Low V) and low cost low altitude (LCLA). These parachutes are 55% t0 80% less expensive than the traditional nylon cargo parachutes due to a much lower cost of material and simplification of the fabrication process. An added benefit for the LCADS, which are made from woven polypropylene fabric developed by Belton Industries, Inc., is that these parachutes have shown to have a lower rate of descent than standard nylon cargo parachutes. The result is a higher percentage of loads surviving air drops.

The cargo containers used in LCADS are the low cost container (LCC). The LCC was designed to replace the heavier and more expensive A-22 cargo container. It is also made of light-weight woven polypropylene straps and is suitable for payloads of up to 2,200 lbs. The LCC can be used with both LCADS and standard cargo parachutes. This product, in addition to the High V, Low V and LCLA cargo parachutes are also supplied by Belton Industries, Inc.

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