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Wind protection is just one of the benefits of installing windbreaks on a farm or orchard. Here are five more benefits:

1. Crops Benefit from Decreased Wind Erosion

It’s well-established that windbreaks reduce soil erosion. When wind erosion removes topsoil, crop productivity suffers due to the loss of the topsoil’s nutrients. If windbreaks are not in place, farmers frequently spend time and money to replenish the soil’s nutrients.

2. Crop Productivity Increases

Members of the agricultural community sometimes question the cost-effectiveness of windbreaks. However, research repeatedly shows that windbreaks enhance crop productivity. In fact, a recent study, Geographic Information Systems (GIS) used modern technology to measure how much windbreaks increase crop yields. The researchers found using windbreaks resulted in an average 16 percent yield increase for soybean crops and an average 10 percent yield increase for wheat.

3. Insect Pollination Improves

The wind makes it difficult for insect pollinators to fly and land. Windbreaks create the conditions that make it easier for insect pollinators to do their critical work. When there’s less wind, bees do not have to use as much energy to fly. That gives them additional energy for pollination.

4. Better Crop Quality

Strong winds can bruise crops and cause fruit drop. Windbreaks protect crops from wind damage.

5. Fabric Windbreaks Have Advantages over Tree Windbreaks

Windbreaks made of fabric:

  • Do not compete with crops for soil nutrients
  • Do not take up excessive space that could be used to plant another income-producing crop
  • Do not provide a habitat for pests

Also, fabric windbreaks are continuous. Therefore, they never create the wind funnel effect that happens where there’s a break in a tree windbreak.

Belton Industries provides windbreak fabric for agricultural and horticultural applications. We have designed our windbreak fabric, like Beltech 1547 and Beltech 2538, for long-term outdoor use. To learn more about our solutions for protecting crops from the wind, contact us.