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At Belton Industries, our business is our client’s business. We want to ensure that all of our clients’ fabric needs are handled on a case-by-case basis, so they can continue to run their businesses and projects exactly as they see fit. We’re the sole fabric supplier for many of our customers, and we take pride in the fact that our clients’ experience is entirely customizable. We offer highly individualized service, unparalleled by commodity fabric suppliers, to ensure all of our customer’s unique needs are met, especially regarding environmental projects.

Environmental Infrastructure Projects

When it comes to environmental infrastructure projects, Belton provides top-of-the-line and extensively tested polypropylene and polyethylene fabric solutions to our customers. Our fabrics minimize a project’s environmental footprint and simplify the clean-up process per EPA standards. Plus, our A2LA-accredited lab is authorized to distribute Certificates of Conformance, so our clients don’t have to deal with the hassle of external verification.

Our standard environmental remediation and containment products include:

  • Landfill covers
  • Hazmat sludge filters
  • Oil pad fabrics
  • Pipeline protection
  • Sandblast curtains
  • Water diversion

Tailored Solutions For Unique Projects

However, we’re happy to work with our clients to develop a tailored solution unique to them and their projects that will better accommodate their needs and meet EPA standards.

At Belton Industries, we want to work with you. We want to customize your experience to meet all your specific fabric requirements for your environmental projects. We’re here to make your job easier.

Please visit our Environmental Use page for more information about our environmental solutions. If you’re interested in a fully individualized fabric experience or would like to reach out with any questions, please contact us.