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Protecting your crops from various elements during each of the four seasons will help ensure high-quality production. One of the best ways to protect your crops is by using high-quality protective fabrics. Belton Industries produces custom fabrics for various agricultural applications and specializes in creating the right product for your specific needs.

1. Increase Your Yields

Using agricultural fabrics helps improve yields without increasing other elements, such as fertilizers. Fabrics reduce the chances that your crop will get damaged by weather and pests, meaning that you will harvest almost all the fruit that was initially produced. It also makes the conditions conducive for the crops to be produced abundantly.

2. Reduce the Need for Harmful Chemicals

Most farmers use chemicals to keep pests and insects away from their gardens. Unfortunately, these pesticides may adversely affect human bodies once the food is consumed. The use of fabrics keeps these pests away from the garden without the use of harmful chemicals.

3. Help Increase Your Output Quality

You can get better-quality produce when your crops are protected from the foul elements of weather and pests. Too much sunshine, frost, and wind negatively affect fruits and crops, while pests pierce and burrow parts of your crops and cause diseases. Using fabrics is an easy way to protect your fruit from any of these challenges.

4. Reduce the Crop Husbandry Workload

Crop husbandry involves weeding, spraying against insects, pests, and frost, and irrigation, among other activities. When using crop fabrics, you reduce some of these activities. It eliminates the need for crop spraying and reduces the need to irrigate your crops.

If you are a farmer or planning to venture into agriculture, you should consider custom fabric solutions for your agriculture and horticulture. Contact us with details of your agricultural initiative, and we will help you find the solutions that fit your specific needs.