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In late fall and early winter, when the weather begins to get colder, gardeners and growers start thinking about how to protect cold-sensitive plants from harsh winter weather. On sub-freezing nights when there is little or no cloud cover, winter frost protection fabrics shield plants from freezing while retaining heat built up during the day.

A woven frost protection fabric creates an insulating air pocket around plants. Warm air created by heat from the soil is trapped beneath the fabric. Typically, the frost protection fabric will cause the insulated air underneath the cover to improve the air temperature by up to 8 degrees Fahrenheit over the ambient outside temperature. These fabrics also protect from damaging winter winds. The best time to cover cold-sensitive plants is during the day, so the warmth builds up and gets trapped under the fabric for night-time protection. Not only are frost protection fabrics used for plant protection during winter cold snaps, but they protect young seedlings in early spring.

Belton Industries, Inc. winter protection fabrics are made from woven polypropylene, which is both lightweight and breathable. Sunlight, air, and water can penetrate the fabric while keeping most of the frost out. The yarns in the woven frost cover fabric are UV-stabilized enabling the fabric to last for many growing seasons.

For more information about how Belton Industries can help you protect your plants during winter with custom fabric solutions for agriculture and horticulture use, please contact us or visit our frost protection product pages (Beltech 1995, Beltech 2538 and Beltech 1841).