Military: Belton fabrics represent the gold standard in polypropylene cargo parachute performance
Erosion Control: 100% natural, biodegradable products for erosion control, landscaping, and engineering
Environmental Fabrics: Fabrics for environmental applications provide cost-effective solutions for a variety of needs
Ag/Horticulture: Fabrics for agricultural, horticultural and environmental applications increase safety and productivity
GEO/Civil Engineering: Fabrics for erosion prevention, sediment control, roadway stabilization, and reinforcement applications
Industrial Applications: Fabrics for commercial needs, made industry-specific through chemical and mechanical enhancements

Welcome to Belton Industries

Belton Industries is a specialty weaver of fabrics made primarily from polypropylene yarns. Based in the Upstate of South Carolina, our family-owned business has been in operation for over 90 years and has built a stellar reputation by producing high-quality, industry-specific goods at a competitive price. Our specialty is partnering with customers one-on-one to develop products that fit their individual needs, and our dedication to exceptional customer service is second to none. We package products to suit your delivery needs, and we will carry inventory for ongoing customers – large and small, domestically and internationally.