GEO/Civil Engineering

Belton manufactures woven, slit film tape polypropylene fabrics for erosion prevention and sediment control, roadway/subgrade stabilization and separation, and select reinforcement applications. All fabrics are locally made and tested.

Erosion Control
Beltech high-strength woven polypropylene fabrics provide economical erosion protection in marine and coastal applications, inland waterway features, and land reclamation projects.

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These woven polypropylene fabrics separate unique soils and increase the structural integrity of subgrade materials. Belton offers a complete line of AASHTO M-288 Class I, II, and III woven polypropylene separation and stabilization geotextiles.

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Beltech high-strength woven polypropylene fabrics are used for uniform wide load distribution over soft soils and for effective filtration. They also reduce deformation and prevent subgrade loss.

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Silt Fence
Woven polypropylene fabrics minimize transport of sediment and other fine soil particles from disturbed sites. Belton offers several fabric styles to meet erosion control needs for highway or general construction projects. 

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